Blue ocean

Fantasea Adventure Cruising


Fantasea Adventure Cruising was a leading cruise operator focused on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Its extensive operations included large sea-going catamarans, reef pontoons and the luxury cruise ship, the Fantasea Ammari.

What differentiated the 'blue ocean' vision for the Fantasea Brand from other cruise operators on the Great Barrier Reef was that while it drew on the key attributes of the region — its sights, sounds, scents, tastes, feelings and soul — it overlaid its own sense of fun, engagement, entertainment and its deep maritime traditions to create a total sensory experience of the Reef. 

The images show the dynamic visual identity, brand strategy, collateral and merchandise which provided Fantasea with powerful tools to refocus, reposition and rebrand its business, and to consolidate its reputation as the premier cruise operator in the region.

Our vision for the brand was that it be immersive and sensory in order to enrich the consumer’s experience of one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The diversity and uniqueness of the Great Barrier Reef, and of Fantasea itself, were to be the essence of the experience.

PCD managed all aspects of the brand from logo sets, signature imagery, colour strategies and corporate collateral to livery for vessels and vehicles, apparel, advertising and promotion, merchandising, photographic strategy and all collateral for the Ammari — fully documented in a comprehensive brand book, The Book of Dreams.

Design Director: Lea Barnett
Creative Director: Peter Campbell
Designers: Jo Palmer, Rich Wahlez