Invisible Signage

Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre


The project required a sensitive acknowledgement to the heritage of twin buildings – the Legislative Assembly and the Multicultural Centre, in Canberra's Civic precinct. A brand and wayfinding scheme was required for the Centre, suited to its new incarnation as the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, including Craft ACT. 

Six 8m glass blades overlooking Civic Square make a dynamic and colourful counterpoint to the formality of this significant precinct. Positioned on the perpendicular, they 'disappear' when vieiwng the building front-on.

An evocative brand for this faciltiy – the focus of multicultural activities in Australia's national capital – boldly announces its presence in the centre of the city, while a strong graphic overlay throughout the building's interior differentiates the numerous tenancies.  


Architect, Project Manager: Munns Sly Moore Architects, Canberra
Creative Director, Designer: Peter Campbell