Living Library

ACT Library Service


This interesting project, undertaken in association with Munns Sly Moore Architects (Canberra) and Williams Boag Architects (Melbourne), involved the development of a simple destination brand, directional and identification signage, carpet design and environmental graphics for a new public library in the latest town centre to be developed in Australia's Capital Territory. Contemporary and friendly, the library is designed to accommodate this rapidly growing community.

Peter Campbell Design's contribution was designed to compliment the diverse needs of the library, branding the public spaces and making them 'legible' for users. It included the proposal of an articulated ceiling piece which hovers over the circulation spine of the library, carrying zone-based identification signage; a carpet featuring a 'Space Invader' motif - a strong feature in the 'Youth Zone'; based on the notion of books on a bookshelf, colourful privacy graphics throughout the library add a dynamic sense of movement and fun for the users of the library which include the new residents of the town and students from the nearby Gungahlin College who frequent its CIT Learning Centre and other facilities; all statutory and door identification signage.

Design Director: Lea Barnett
Creative Director: Peter Campbell