Skin Deep

Atelier of Plastic & Hand Surgery


The Atelier of Plastic & Hand Surgery is a specialist practice working across all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery, focusing on aesthetics, hand surgery and paediatrics.

The aesthetic side of the practice takes its place amongst a large group of Australian ‘customer facing’ operators that depend heavily upon a strong web presence for differentiation and to attract custom.

PCD was engaged to create a tasteful, contemporary signature mark and visual identity to position Atelier as a premium enterprise, reflecting the high levels of expertise and ethical standards of the principals, and presenting a compelling visual story about their experience, professionalism and the positive outcomes that are achieved.

When it came to developing a brand personality, the principals sought a solution that reflected their highly personal approach, with an emphasis on the clinic's holistic approach to each individual client, taking as much care with the inside, as with the 'outside'.

We felt that the overall aesthetic should focus attention on the gentle, easy-flowing manner that is a feature of the Atelier experience.

As the clinic offers specialist surgical techniques, particularly in hand reconstruction, the design takes the form of a destinctive, handwritten font that emphasises the innate value of human touch, and embodies the notion that good things take time.

Similarly, the sub-graphic is a detail of human skin in the form of a palm print.

Design Director: Lea Barnett
Creative Director: Peter Campbell