Wayfinding, Blue Mountains NSW

Blue Mountains City Council


In 2008, Blue Mountains City Council engaged the studio to undertake a comprehensive audit and redesign of all tourism-related vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding signage throughout Australia’s famous Blue Mountains. 

2010 saw the design finalised andan  initial rollout of the strategy. At the pedestrian level, inviting, accessible and informative maps, integrated into striking lasercut pylons, orientate and direct the hundreds of thousands of international and domestic visitors that each year enjoy discovering the mountain towns on foot. 

Free independent travellers in private cars will feel the benefit of the vehicular wayfinding system which employs a hybrid ‘white on brown’ directional signage system that creates legibility across the LGA, guiding vistors easily and quickly to destinations that will take their breath away, and encourage them to ‘stay another day’.

Design Director: Lea Barnett
Creative Director: Peter Campbell
Management: Leanne Koh