Experiential portal to an iconic destination

Newtown Precinct


Despite the challenges of the economic climate over the past few years, and the impact of online shopping, Newtown Precinct (Np) is alive, very well, and overflowing with entertainment, shopping, restaurants, bars and pubs, creativity and a passionate group of locals. It is unique in Australia, and some would insist, the world.

Importantly, it is truly Sydney’s ‘Inner West End’ with all that implies, and as such it is the envy of most urban precincts in the country.

Having designed a memorable and irreverent Newtown Precinct brand for the Newtown Precinct Business Association (NPBA) in 2007, Peter Campbell Design was engaged again to create an experiential web portal for the Precinct. Its launch in September 2012 was the realisation of a long-term objective; an on-brand, content-rich, member-based entry point to the vast offering that is Newtown Precinct; and an exciting opportunity to increase the visibility of existing members, attract new businesses to membership, build the profile of the Precinct, and enhance its desirability as both a historic, creatively dynamic locality, and unique destination.

The information architecture and navigational strategy enabled Np to make the WHOLE of the Precinct legible to its online visitors. Because it is vastly more than just the lengths of mainstreet retail shopping, the Precinct has been divided into four ‘Creative Quarters’ that bring the bulk of the Precinct into focus, assisting micro or small businesses in isolated ‘Pocket Precincts’ or backstreets to become highly visible and networked into the local economy.

Visually, the interface design took the Newtown Precinct Brand as its visual and creative starting point, drawing on current research and the key brand characteristics to position the site. Using strong photographic, typographic and layout strategies, the visual look and feel of the site was driven by contemporary culture and online practice.

Technically the site had a comprehensive CMS and great depth including automated membership applications, payments and renewals, powerful backend databasing which consolidates all member information, and facilitates user-managed Member Pages and a dynamic What'sON? section.

During 2015, NPBA replaced this site with what exists online today. As the original site had been acclaimed as a uniquely successful and powerful online experience of the Precinct, we were naturally disappointerd with this change. To see the current site, visit www.newtownprecinct.com.au

Creative Director: Peter Campbell
Design Director: Lea Barnett
Senior Designer: Stacey Hockings
Programming & Development: Marameo Design