A respectful understanding of another's experience

To some degree, most people 'get' empathy: the ability to step into another person's shoes for a moment, and know how they feel, what drives them, and what makes them behave the way they do.

And we have all experienced relief when someone really hears us without passing judgment – when we have truly been listened to and heard, seemingly impossible challenges can find clarity and resolution.

It is for this reason that a deep resonance with what's going on in the hearts and minds of people in the real world is a prerequisite for inspired design solutions and successful communications outcomes.

An empathetic approach allows us to communicate and collaborate with others, reading between the lines to extract and deal with subtle misgivings, honest fears, hidden agendas and coded information that may otherwise remain beyond reach.

Whether it's the development of a compelling new brand or a politically sensitive communications campaign, the creation of an inspirational graphic or structured environment, or an emotionally powerful photographic essay on industrial change; PCD believes that the path to success lies in harnessing the innate human capacity to connect with each other.

With the lines of communication open we listen, we consider and then begin the work of design from a position of knowledge and mutual respect.