Peter Campbell BSc (Arch) FDIA
Creative Director

Peter is a strategic visual thinker with significant hands-on expertise drawn from over 40 years in arts-related fields including architecture, photography, communications design, music and art glass.

He is an architectural graduate equally at home in the worlds of pure design, information architecture and cultural interpretation. His broad experience of traditional arts practice and expertise in contemporary digital technologies is invaluable in the context of strategic design.

For 25 years Peter has delivered strategic, creative design for visual identity, brand management and communications, corporate publications, annual reports, information design, packaging and merchandising for clients in tourism, finance, retail, ICT, all levels of government and the arts.

A specialist area of work is Spatial Branding, a hybrid discipline which integrates high level destination branding, interpretive wayfinding and signage, placemaking, graphic and structured environmental graphics and glass environments. He has many years experience in the audit, development and design of interpretive wayfinding solutions for complex regional, urban and architectural sites. Situations where orientation and navigation are critical to both ensuring the efficacy of the spaces involved and the quality of the visitor experience.

Peter is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia, a Member of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), the Society for Experiential Design, the Australian Institute of Architects, Architectural Glass Design Australia, Australian Science Communicators and sits on the Board of the Newtown Entertainment Precinct Association, the entity behind the celebrated Sydney Fringe Festival. He is also a musician, magician and ventriloquist.

Jan Campbell BA Dip Ed, MURP
Managing Director

Jan Campbell has been Managing Director of Creative Resources Management Pty Ltd since 1985 with responsibility for business and practice management, and client services.

Jan contributes to the strategic development of design projects and develops stakeholder engagement strategies when required. A broad range of skills including a double major in history, has developed over a diverse professional career including teaching, community housing, design studio management and local economic development roles in local government.

These skills have also been applied in a range of community projects over several years including Founder and President of the Newtown Mainstreet Committee, President of the Newtown Chamber of Commerce, Trustee of the Newtown School of Arts (current), and in much earlier years positions in OOSH and School Parents and Friends Associations.

Jan is a Member of the Institute of Place Management and Trustee at the Newtown School of Arts.