Truly innovative outcomes are frequently the result of collaboration between creative individuals or teams.

Whilst both our language and culture celebrates individual talent, we believe that brilliance flourishes in the presence of diversity, trust, creative tension and collaboration. When imagination, ingenuity, resourcefulness and vision is shared, inspired solutions can appear more rapidly and be realised at greater depth.

PCD loves contrast. The process of identifying, articulating and formalising inherent differences in expertise, approach and talent provides a framework for creative development in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Mutual respect for both talent and time is then a driver to keep a project on track creatively, financially and temporally.

There is no doubt that an individual designer can undertake an entire project from end to end alone, and with great success, but the process can be enhanced with the addition of expert critique and input from trusted collaborators who are active participants sharing common values and goals.

Creativity and design have a deep history of collaborative expression. In many cases the 'collaboration' is described more as an 'agency/supplier' relationship as in the case of a printer, a sign maker or a photographer, but we prefer to see these alliances as 'partnerships' which dramatically enhance the refinement and quality of an outcome.

Without question, the most important partner in any creative alliance is the client; every project we undertake we make it a priority to develop a respectful and trusting two-way relationship with this critical member of the team.