Folded Signage

Warringah Council


In 2013, Warringah Council engaged Peter Campbell Design and Mark Tatarinoff joint to create a comprehensive Signage Style Guide based on its new visual identity.

The LGA’s famous beaches, lagoons and bushland, and its new identity, which features a strong colour palette and muscular triangular forms, inspired a unique approach to signage design and manufacture which reflects the region's expansive light, openness and sense of play.

Innovative routed and folded aluminium panels provide strength and durability without the need for heavy framing, saving cost and time, and creating fascinating sculptural forms throughout the LGA.

The primary deliverable for the project is the Style Guide; this consists of two A3 volumes fully documenting all aspects of the new Council signage from philosophy, to wayfinding to workshop construction drawings for the full suite.

The images shown are of prototype signage which was developed to explore and confirm the efficacy of the structural systems, and to gain important insights into methods of manufacture.

We will update this project when it is completed in mid 2015.

Creative Director, 2D Design: Peter Campbell
Technical Director, 3D Design: Mark Tatarinoff