Know your sheet!



holySheet! is unique, as is its brand promise — We give a sheet! and grew over 15 years from a single store in Newtown to a national homewares franchise.

The holySheet! brand embodies a unique sense of fun and engagement in the shopping experience, supported by a culture of design-savvy style, quality and youthful good humour.

The brand personality is epitomised by a quirky collection of 'brand characters' — both inanimate and human — that populate the walls of holySheet! stores and flow through into collateral and brochures. Strong photographic, typographic and layout strategies are supported by an inviting colour palette, adding cohesion and depth to the brand throughout its packaging, advertising, signage and in-store graphics.

The studio managed the holySheet! brand for over 15 years and over that time created a dynamic identity that drives all visual executions of the enterprise. The logo is a strong, memorable and versatile ‘wordmark’ that encapsulates both the brand promise and essence — an iconic mark that makes new customers ‘enter the shop giggling’.

Design Director: Lea Barnett
Creative Director: Peter Campbell
Design: Ingo Voss, Rich Wahlez
Model: Ingrid Elenius