Nature and Nurture

Residential Entry Fa├žade


'Structured Environmental Graphics' form a suite of gates and doors.

Peter Campbell brings bespoke design to architectural applications where imagination leads and technology follows.

This dramatic entry suite is a direct development of the architectural glass environments created by Peter Campbell over the past 30 years - innovative ideas and contemporary industrial technologies come together harmoniously in this uniquely personal expression of the natural environment for clients committed to quality, innovation and excellence.

Having been introduced to Peter's work by way of his architectural glass environments, the clients engaged him to work on a highly customised garage door and set of gates for their North Shore residence.

Drawing on the natural beauty of a property that tumbled down the hill from a road on a ridge overlooking the city to the waters of Sydney Harbour, Peter proposed that the motif be drawn from the client's beloved bushland at the water's edge. The concept incorporated intricate, multilayered eucalypt forms to create a visually tantalising, highly secure and personally meaningful urban artwork.

The outcome is a perfect marriage of design and technical expertise; Peter Campbell, Axolotl Metal, and Graham Day Doors collaborated to plan, and then realise the work over a 12 month period.

The new 10m by 2.5m installation involved a completely new structural system and motorised mechanism, and a set of 11 highly detailed, routed and hand worked phenolic resin panels.

Creative Director, Designer: Peter Campbell
Panel Treatments: Axolotl Metal
Structure, Mechanics, Installation: Graham Day Doors