Newington College

Interpretive Wayfinding for Top Sydney School


In 2013 Newington College, a leading Christian School in Sydney, completed a major building program as part of its Sesquicentenary celebration. Peter Campbell Design was engaged to create a wayfinding masterplan and signage design for its complex and expanding campus. 

Believing that, in this philosophical context, 'wayfinding' may be seen as having as much about finding direction in life, as in space, our design incorporated high-quality, materially authentic finishes which form a sensitive visual link between the 'sandstone' traditions of the College's past and the contemporary architecture of architects Budden, Nangle, Michael + Hudson.

The distinctive design of the system also provides unifying interpretive structure throughout the campus, reducing the distraction of the College's disparate architectural styles, ensuring that all visitors are confident of their location, and the quickest way to the sporting event, lecture theatre, concert or assembly that they seek. 

As an additional aid to orientation, Peter Campbell Design also produced an interactive map for Newington's website, which echoes the wayfinding system and allows people to orientate themselves to their destination prior to their visit for sporting, theatrical or academic events.


Design Director: Lea Barnett

Creative Director: Peter Campbell

Fabrication & Installation: Cunneen Signs