Reinventing Hillview

Hillview Sculpture Biennial


In 2018, Sculpture at Hillview was reinvented as Hillview Sculpture Biennial. 

The change of name signals a major change in philosophical direction, scale and intent, allowing the event to attract major sculptors from around Australia and overseas. With the parallel development of a world-class, permanent Sculpture Park to surround the Biennial, the whole enterprise has taken on a creative responsibility and authority that is a thrilling addition to the cultural landscape of both the Southern Highlands and the nation.

PCD is the Brand Partner and Designer for Hillview Biennial and Sculpture Park. With the uplift in 2018, we rebranded the enterprise, developing a visual language to support the refined artistic and philosophical intent of the Biennial. 

The task includes the design of all collateral, marketing, website, signage, catalogues and ongoing materials for the permanent Park.

The property Hillview was established in the late 1850’s and, when the property was purchased by the NSW government in 1882, it became the country retreat for sixteen consecutive governors of NSW. It was utilised as a Vice-Regal sanctuary and during this time the building and grounds became the centre of the cultural life of the spectacular Southern Highlands. The glitterati of the time attended balls and parties along with some of Australia’s most distinguished artists, professionals, politicians, and society people. In 1958 it was sold privately before being re-purchased by the government in 1986.