Short + Sweet

Short + Sweet


The biggest little play festival in the world…

Short+Sweet is an institution in Australian theatre as it brings vibrant new works to the stage, mostly from emerging writers, directors, actors, dancers and performers. This is truly innovation on a shoestring as it delivers literally hundreds of 10 minute plays, dance performances and musicals to a growing domestic and international audience each year.

Involvement in, and support of the arts is a priority at PCD. We became a major sponsor of Newtown produced Short+Sweet specifically to provide it with a powerful brand and a flexible, responsive management strategy that would accommodate its dynamic growth and build its profile on the international cultural landscape. With this new identity it will be able to attract quality sponsorship and create extensive recognition in the minds of the theatre-going public. 

Creating a cohesive identity for such an explosive organisation can be like herding cats. Right now the family includes eight separate programs with more exciting opportunities in the wings. If it’s already in three countries, how many will it be in next year? How can it work with such diverse groups of people in such a variety of venues and still feel like part of the same family?

PCD brings a vast net of experience to Short+Sweet. The brand will ensure that no matter how big this fabulous family grows, those cats can’t get away!

Design Director: Lea Barnett
Creative Director: Peter Campbell
Senior Designer: Rich Wahlez